God never intended for us to follow Jesus alone. He created us with the need to know and be known by others.  Being in a community with others helps us to be our best and it’s these relationships that can spark spiritual growth far more than just listening to a talk on Sunday mornings.  At Genesis Boyne, our Small Groups are designed to help you grow in relationship with God and with each other throughout the week.*


Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

  1. You find a group that fits you in the list below.
  2. You drop the leader a text to get their current meeting location.
  3. You show up.

Summer Semester Small Groups:

Men’s Small Group:  Every Other Tuesday • 6:30pm • For Locations Text: 832-330-7246

Women’s Small Group:  Every Other Tuesday • 6:30pm • For Locations Text: 231-330-4194

After Church Small Group:  Every Other Sunday • 12:30pm (lunch included) • For Locations Text: 832-373-9774


*Small Group semesters run for 10-14 weeks.  When the semester is over you’re done.  Then, the next semester you can reconnect with the same group of people or try a whole new group!  We launch/re-launch our Small Groups three time a year – in January, May and September.

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