God never intended for us to follow Jesus alone. He created us with the need to know and be known by others.  Being in a community with others helps us to be our best and it’s these relationships that can spark spiritual growth far more than just listening to a talk on Sunday mornings.  At Genesis Boyne, our Small Groups are designed to help you grow in relationship with God and with each other throughout the week.*


Here’s how it works in three easy steps: 

  1. You find a group that fits you in the list below. 
  2. You drop the leader an email to get their current meeting location.
  3. You show up.

Fall Small Groups

Bobowski’s Group 
Tuesdays • Dinner at 6pm • Study at 7 pm
515 S. East St., Boyne City
Childcare: Not Provided
For More Information:
Bob Bobowski • boboyneski@hotmail.com            
Mathers’ Group 
Wednesdays •  7 pm
Alternating Locations, Boyne City
Childcare: Not Provided
For More Information:
Becky Mathers • rmwwzw@gmail.com           
Moul’s Group 
Thursdays • 6:30pm
Alternating Locations, Boyne City
Childcare: Provided
For More Information:
Mark Druesne • mark.druesne@gmail.com            

*Small Group semesters run for 10-14 weeks.  When the semester is over you’re done.  Then, the next semester you can reconnect with the same group of people or try a whole new group!  We launch/re-launch our Small Groups three time a year – in January, June and September.

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