Support the mission of Genesis Boyne

Genesis Boyne is supported financially by people who’ve cheerfully chosen to bless others through their giving. Everything we do is a direct result of their financial sacrifices and we do our very best to be good stewards of everything we have. We have two easy ways that you can worship through giving: 

  1. At our weekend services 
  2. Through our secure online portal above.
To make a commitment to our Equip to Engage campaign please use this Commitment Card.



We believe your generosity will change your life because giving is a form of worship, not a form of torture.  But your generosity doesn’t just change your life. Through your gifts we are able to see Jesus’ transforming power at work every day through healed families, restored faith, and stronger communities.

The goal isn’t a huge stockpile of money in the church’s bank account nor a massive building with baristas and bowling alleys, but to have a group of people with a healthy perspective on the role of money (as a tool, not an idol) in their life.

If you have any questions about giving feel free to email us here.