For the remainder of the year, we will not gather in person at a singular location on the weekend. While our lives may look different, our vision remains the same: To be a contemporary church engaging families through fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.  Just because we don’t meet in a group of 50 or 100 doesn’t mean the Genesis Boyne has ceased pursuing our vision.  Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still fellowshipping, discipling, and even reaching out to Boyne City.

The primary way we will engage families in this season is by inviting them to join us in House Churches. A Genesis Boyne House Church is a weekly meeting of Genesis Boyne regulars and guests, in homes, where we worship Jesus through singing, teaching, outreach, prayer, and fellowship with one another.   Here are the locations for our Genesis Boyne House Churches.


1) Dear Meadows House Church • Sunday • 11am @ 315 E. Division St. Apt. 14

  • Childcare Unavailable
  • Group Max: 8 people
  • Note 1: Takes place at Dear Meadows apartment complex.
  • Note 2: Mask required to enter Dear Meadows in order to get to the House Church apartment, but not required in the House Church.


2) Silver St. House Church • Sunday • 11am @ 130 Silver St.

  • Children welcome but asked to stay with parents
  • Group Max: 8


3) East St. House Church • Sunday • 11am @ 513 S. East St.

  • Childcare Available
  • Group Max: 12
  • Note: Parents of children will rotate, each taking a week in watching the children during the service.


We understand every individual has a different level of comfort in this time. If you don’t feel like you’re ready, or if you’re physically unable to join a physical House Church, we encourage you to join our Online House Church from the comfort of your home:

4) Online House Church • Sunday • 11am @

  • Childcare Unavailable
  • Group Max: 12
  • Note: This House Church is designed for people who desire to worship at home, yet would like to participate in the community aspects of a House Church.  It will be a Google Meet that will open at 10:45am and take place during and after the YouTube worship and teaching.  The link will be the same each week. 


As House Churches multiply, please check for new locations.   

If you would like to host a House Church, please email

If you have questions or want help choosing a house church, please email 

For a full list of House Church guidelines and information please click here.

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