Maybe you’ve been in church your entire life, or maybe you’re just now giving it a try for the first time.  Either way, we want you to be able to make an informed decision in choosing a church family.  So, let us give you a brief synopsis of who we are.  Our vision gives great clarity into why we are here.


Genesis Boyne Exists To Be:

A contemporary church that engages families through fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.


Yea, we’re a bit different, but we’re a good kind of different.  We’re a church that is designed for people who don’t usually like church.  One where you’ll get a rocking band, relevant teaching, a come-as-you-are dress code, and a warm family feeling.  We think everyone deserves a church that speaks their language and creates opportunities for them to belong before they necessarily have to believe.  Feel free to look through the rest of our site to find out more about Genesis Boyne and let us know if you have any questions by dropping us a line here.  

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